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Eating bananas makes you more attractive to mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are attracted or repelled by various odors, but the bananas story is false. So is the claim that taking vitamin B-12 will make you less attractive to mosquitoes. Mosquitoes home in visually to some extent, particularly in the late afternoon, and they seem to like dark colors and movement. But, smell is most important, with the carbon dioxide that you exhale being the primary factor. Other poorly understood aspects of “personal odor” an have attractant or repellent effects, and probably explain why about 20% of people are considered to be “mosquito magnets.” These are the people you want to stand next to at an outdoor party!

One response to “Eating bananas makes you more attractive to mosquitoes

  1. Dolly January 21, 2012 at 11:00 pm

    haha I’m one of the 20% your talking about, and yes I tried the whole myth thing to see if it would work, its all a lie it made no difference 🙁 its sorta horrible I have to put a whole bunch of mosquito repellent on when I go outside, of course my family laughs at me, but hey at least I know i have rich carbon dioxide O.o”

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